Level 1 Piano Pedagogy Course

This level explores effective ways to teach the foundations of technique and musical artistry to beginner students, starting from the initial contact with prospective clients, through first lessons and beyond. Emphasis is on developing proper articulations, beautiful tone production, and exploring ways to fully engage the student in the creation of music. While designed with beginners in mind, skills and strategies learned apply to all levels of piano instruction.

Option 1

Course Begins September 1, 2022

$74.95 / month for 10 months

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What's Included?
  • 2 pre recorded sessions per month 
  • 1 live Q & A session per month via Zoom, followed by a peer-led chat with group members for support and teaching ideas(recording available)
  • Interactive private Facebook Group for members, including assignment feedback 
  • Supplemental articles and handouts (downloadable PDFs)
  • Level 1 course contents available for a full year
  • Once level is completed, access to the Alumni Group for continued support and learning. (The Alumni Group is peer-led and does not involve the participation of Irina Gorin)

2 Extra Months free: July & August 2023

Schedule & Access

DATES: September 2022 - June 2023

DURATION: 10 months

EXTENDED ACCESS to session videos for this level may be purchased for $5.95/month after completion of the course


10 monthly payments of $79.95 September 1/2021 to June 1/2022, or 1 payment of $799.50

Option 2

Start Anytime (Pre-Recorded)

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What's Included?
  • 20 pre recorded sessions 
  • Supplemental Articles and Handouts (downloadable PDFs)
Schedule & Access
Start anytime! You will have 10 months to complete the course.
Need more than 10 months? EXTENDED ACCESS to session videos for this level may be purchased for $5.95/month after the first 10 months.
COST: 10 monthly payments of $59.95/month (2 sessions/month) or 1 payment of $599.50/year
UPGRADE OPTION: Those purchasing Option 2 can upgrade to Option 1 at any time by contacting Irina Gorin

I first noticed Irina Gorin’s YouTube channel around 2018 and quickly became a follower of her channel. I started trying out Tales of a Musical Journey with a few brand new beginners the same year. As a part time teacher and a stay at home mom of two young children, attending Irina’s out of state workshops was not feasible. It wasn’t until Irina Gorin’s courses were offered online in the spring of 2020 that I fully immersed myself in the Tales of a Musical Journey 1 and 2 pedagogy courses.

The course consisted of pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations, and live question and answer sessions with Irina and other teachers taking the course around the world. The lectures and meetings were recorded and available to me from Irina’s online portal through monthly subscription, which was a useful resource for review. During the course, Irina shared her teaching experiences, technique, and strategies to interact with students. This direct feedback from the author of the curriculum created a unique and insightful experience that I have been unable to obtain from other curriculum for young children. Irina and the other students also took the time to provide insightful feedback to homework assignments. In addition, monthly question and answer sessions with other teachers fostered better understanding and a sense of community that is difficult to establish with other music teachers on my own.

Irina’s teaching experience coupled with her wisdom inspires me to keep striving to become a better music educator and a better role model to my students. Most of all, music is all about camaraderie and Irina’s course opens a window of opportunity to befriend like minded teachers that support each other in a non judgmental way. I highly recommend signing up for Irina Gorin’s pedagogy courses.

Yvonne Ho-Massey