This piano pedagogy course is for you if:

You want to teach your students using best practices for applying the modern piano pedagogy methodology

Your students are in need of improvement in their piano playing technique, and you wish to learn how to achieve that 

 You have a curious mind and want to immerse yourself in a structured learning experience on this important topic


After decades of teaching, everything changed when I came to Ohio for your workshop in June of 2016. Your YouTube videos started the learning, then the workshop days continued it , then using your Tales series with my students, and a new awareness of healthy ways to use our bodies at the piano to create beautiful tone. But these past two years of your online classes have been truly monumental, showing in my students’ musicality and growth. Thank you for all you have graciously given to the music community! Your legacy will continue through all the teachers who have had the privilege of learning from you, their students, and generations to come.


Carol Hibbard / USA

About Irina Gorin

  • Since 2013, Irina Gorin has presented workshops, seminars, and webinars for over sixty thousand piano teachers.
  • She has presented in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, eighteen cities in mainland China, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Chile, Indonesia, Colombia, and many States in America. 
  • She is the founder and president of the Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition.
  • Gorin served as Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy Professor at CCAA College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts 中国东盟艺术学院 and Visiting Professor at Chengdu University 成都大学 from 2017-2022.
  • Gorin is a graduate of Glière Kyiv Institute of Music and Kharkiv National University of Arts named after I. P. Kotlyarevsky.


Little did I realize when I first heard about your method on a Facebook Group in 2015 what a profound impact you would have on my life. From the very beginning of using Tales (before I really knew what I was doing), through attending workshops, and, since spring of 2020, the Pedagogy Courses, your expertise, and knowledge have helped me to be a better teacher.

More than this, knowing you, and experiencing your kindness, patience and encouragement has been an inspiration, and helped me develop wings of confidence as I continue to teach into my senior years. I am the best version of myself as a teacher since knowing you, and I will be eternally grateful to you!

P.S. Watching you constantly smile at your students in your videos, and finding out that you had to work on that has inspired me to smile a lot more as I teach!

Sandra Scruton / Canada